How to make an old saddle look new ?

If you have an old saddle at home but do not want to get rid of it. Remember to retype or maintain it so that it can serve you day by day and it looks new.

A very good interview

If you have an old saddle at home and still want to use it with your loved ones or with enthusiasts like you, think about maintenance. Indeed, good maintenance favors keeping used saddles in good condition. Clean the saddle regularly, check the seams, ensure that the seat is not damaged by time or the various exercises undertaken, ensure that each piece is functional and not missing, etc. There are many steps that must be taken to ensure that the saddle is operational. If you notice any abnormalities, various technical problems or that the saddle does not bring you that comfort and relaxation that you are looking for so much; use professionals who can solve the problem. An old saddle can be made new if we know how to maintain it well and if we make sure that everything is perfect.

Retype a saddle

Often, we do not want to throw a saddle just because it has a sentimental value in our eyes, it is probably a gift from a person dear to our heart, or maybe, it overcame, with we, good and bad days. Also, we notice that the saddle is in a salty condition but we do not want to get rid of it, better to retype. Indeed, nowadays, many services favor the retapage of saddle which makes it possible to improve the quality of the fabric and the material of which the equipment is made, to change some pieces rusty or damaged, to bring a little creativity in the design , strengthen the various materials or accessories that maintain it, etc. And at very different prices, it is even possible to improve its performance as well as its robustness, its ability to offer priceless relaxation and balance, its ability to withstand the weight of the rider, etc. In this kind of case, we can say that the old saddle has had a makeover and will be like new.


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