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Maintaining your horse's equipment is very important since it will allow it to last longer and regular maintenance will obviously keep it in good condition and the suppleness of the leathers. Indeed if the horse equipment you have is made of leather, you will need to have glycerine soap for leather. And for an effective maintenance you will need to be patient. Indeed, the first step is obviously, for the maintenance of the net, to dismantle it entirely, in order to be able to grease absolutely all the zones of the net. In addition, the maintenance of a dismantled net is necessarily more efficient and practical to ensure a complete and effective maintenance. After dismantling the whole net, you will need to bring a clean cloth which you will have to rub in your jar of glycerine saon. And then you simply simply vigorously rub all the leather parts of the net so that the soap penetrates well into the leather and therefore ensures its suppleness and hydration. After that you have to let the different parts of the fillet dry in the sun for a good minimum day and then rewind it completely. As far as the maintenance of leather saddles is concerned, the principle remains the same. Indeed you will not need to dismantle the whole saddle here but you will still have to unhook the stirrups from the cleat below the quarter to ensure a complete maintenance. After having removed the stirrups, as for the net, it is necessary to rub vigorously so that the soap penetrates the leather well and hydrates it sufficiently. At the end of your maintenance, as for the net, you should dry the saddle a little longer like a used antares saddles for the net because some greased parts are hidden and will therefore take longer to dry. Be careful not to reassemble the next day because the fat will not have dried.


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