What are the best saddles ?

To become a good rider, you must find a good saddle. However, finding a riding saddle is not always easy, as there are many models and sizes available. So, how can we recognize the best riding saddles? Focus.

A saddle adapted to the discipline practiced

Do you practice dressage, jumping, hiking or do you practice most equestrian disciplines? In the latter case, you can opt for a versatile saddle that is suitable for almost all types of riding. Also be sure to choose a riding saddle that fits your body size. The saddle chosen should allow you to adopt a good position and offer you full freedom of movement. But, not everyone has the chance to buy a new saddle adapted to his discipline. Do not worry, however, because you will have no trouble finding used saddles for sale in specialized stores. But before finalizing the purchase of your new saddle, try it on your horse, because its morphology is just as important in choosing a saddle riding.

Saddle made of sturdy material

Regardless of the equestrian discipline that you practice regularly, you will want to bet on a sturdy saddle. You can choose a synthetic saddle, which has the advantage of being comfortable and lighter. This type of saddle is recommended for women or young riders. It is also more affordable. Leather saddles however guarantee you more robustness. They are also more elegant than synthetic saddles. Unlike these ones, they require good maintenance. This type of saddle is highly recommended for riders with intensive riding practice. To summarize, the best saddle is the one that suits the equestrian discipline that we practice, which is both robust and high-quality. If you have the right budget, you can turn to brand new models. But, otherwise, it is always possible to find in saddlery used saddles in good condition.